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Million Dollar Band

Lynn Moller

              The Midian Shrine Band was formed in 1910, two years after
              the Midian Shrine was founded, and was chartered in 1915.
              The band was renamed "The Midian Shrine Million Dollar Band"
              as a result of selling over a million dollars worth of war bonds
              during World War I. The band started with 20 members and has had
              a membership as high as 80.

              The purpose of the unit is to participate in Midian Shrine functions,
              or other functions as the Potentate and/or Unit Officers shall direct,
              especially to promote fun and good will to crippled, burned, or
              handicapped children.

              These bands play a total of 25 to 30 performances each year including
              concerts, parades, Octoberfests, dances, Shrine Circus, Midian Shrine and
              other Masonic functions. They also attend and compete against other
              bands at the annual Imperial and CSSA Shrine conventions. All members
              are dues paying members of the Central States Shrine Band Association
              (CSSBA) and the Shrine Band Association of North America (SBANA).

              The band makes donations to the Plane of Mercy fund, which is used to
              transport children to and from the Shriner's Hospitals and Burns Institutes
              for crippled and burned children.

              The primary goal of the band unit is to provide upbeat entertainment
              and to make sure our members have fun performing music.

"WE PLAY - so crippled children can"

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Million Dollar Band
Million Dollar Band
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